My creative project,

 Light Dancing on Water

 is currently undergoing a metamorphosis.

 In the meantime, 

I will be publishing 

 additional poems 

every Full Moon 

and New Moon.

Wild Mustang

The wild mustang I corralled broke free.

I could mend the fence,

or just chase after him. 

Either way I am still tethered.

What if I did nothing.

Just let him return,

to live by my side 

with no gate to hold him.

Kept my heart open 

amid the never ending 


of his departure.

I was drawn by his wild untamable nature.

I wanted to make it mine.

I know the real truth is to set myself free.

Gallop across desert plains and head for the mountains.

Fly at neck-breaking speed with rays of golden light streaming. 

Use only my old broke heart to guide me.

Maybe then I will live 

with the wild freedom 

that is calling me.

Maybe then I will finally catch up 

with the winds 

that can carry me home.


Moonlit Lake

Do not be so loyal to your thoughts.

They are only informative undulations on your lake.

Slip naked into tranquil waters—beneath a moonlit night. 

Quiet into the depths of your own being.

An atmosphere of purity will engulf you.

Imagine floating with only the night sky sustaining you.

Be the lake that reflects the moon and sparkles in stillness, 

a reflective pool through which consciousness becomes aware.

Nothing is more luminous than the space 

with which the world arises and subsides.


Imagine what might happen if you suddenly dove 

beneath the turbulence on the surface 

and came up in freedom.

Enriched by the magic of the moon, 

stars will write you messages of navigation, 

stir your imagination into the visionary realms.

A deep reverence for eternal and ancient mysteries 

will encompass your inner space.

Imagine what beauty could be created from your being. 

Do not be so loyal to your thoughts.

They are only gentle undulations on your lake.

Luxuriate in silence as your purest expression.

You will become so radiant 

the fish will long to see your face.


Winter's Calling

You might not see me for a while.

A blanket of darkness is drawing me inward.

Do not despair for me—I am not lost.

The Moon knows where I am.

The Stars still ask to dance. 

If you join me, I will fiercely guard your solitude.

We can dance inspired by the dark night sky, 

play among the constellations,

shape-shift to suit our moods.

The darkness will be my arms holding you tight.

As I tumble through the deepening sky,

rolling with the ecstasy of divine mystery,

you will be making your own sweet love with wonder.

Our dance will be as two star struck lovers 

coming together only in Spirit.

The Moon can be our secret place 

to rendezvous for one brief kiss 

before we playfully bow to each other

and float away, laughing.

The dark womb is my bedroom tonight.

It holds me in tender embrace as I shed my tears.

Do not despair for me when I wander in darkness.

I am not lost.

I am dancing though the night sky 

in a waltz with wonder and magic.

Two Rivers

Lover, hear my longing. I am she who is the confluence of two deep rivers. 

One sourced from my knowing that every moment is indeed sacred and in service to the vast Oneness that holds me. This is the pure spring that feeds my joy, the source of my unabating freedom. 

The other river my contentment, my love of the unknown. No need to know where these waters will take me. I have deep faith in the winds and currents that carried me here to this convergence. 

I am the source and the river itself, a blending of waters that merges erotic creative energies with the sacred, bringing my gifts to the world. The sound of my voice wants to run clear and free, wild and flowing. These waters have no need to contain their intensity.

A web of wisdom hangs low over the water—catching drops that spray from the love that manifests through my boldness. I stand proudly in this precious moment even as I waver with the force calling me forward, for I know I must move on.

I am she who is willing to drown for love. She who knows the waters will carry her, support her, enliven her, delight her, heal her. She who knows intimately that these waters make love to her with a powerful rushing force.

I know you are afraid of my intensity, for if you lie down with me, you might drown in the potency of our union. Take my hand and surrender to my flow. A natural buoyancy, born of our unwillingness to be held down for any reason, will keep our heads and hearts high.

Relax in my waters, in deep knowing that I carry you, for you can not be held down when we are joined together in splendor. Let us meander together as lovers joined in sacred union at the confluence of two deep rivers. 


Aphrodite’s Dove

Last night the Moon crawled into my bed.

We made love in stillness.

Ravished by madness, 

I rolled over and slept heavy under its fullness.

Sometime before dawn I dreamt my heart burst open 

and out flew Aphrodite’s dove.

This morning I am pregnant with the moon’s Presence.

Ready to give birth to new possibility.


Tender Parts

Fierce winds

tried to rip

all my clothes off

as I walked across

a fertile prairie.

I suppose

I was walking

so softly,

caressing the 

grasses with 

my bare feet,

gently trying not to harm 

any tender parts,

that they wanted 

some loving too.


Who I Am

 I am a poet, writer and nature lover.


My desire is to share with others what I have learned—that a deep connection to Nature is one of the most effortless and effective ways to find a path back into the peace, love and beauty that is our natural inheritance. 


What's Next?

It's a mystery.

An Emerging Promise

Rise before dawn and lift the veil from your weary heart—make a promise you know you have no choice but to keep. Open your inner gaze to the feeling that your dreams have kissed you on the forehead, and said, “wake up my dear, now is your time.” Whisper your devotion to the clouds that arrive each day to a new world, cleansed and renewed, ready to make your life lovely and whole.

There is a deep release in taking love by the hand, a sublime recognition that every single moment in your life brought you here, to this one dreamy kiss, offering itself to you so that you may finally live and love in the fullness of who you are; so that you may learn to dance with playful joy like the light that dances on water.

Build yourself a new home, born from the lingering memory of that embrace, one with an expansive view that stretches far beyond your wildest imagination. Create a sanctuary of all that you love, all that you hold most dear. Stand in wonder and awe of your good fortune—that all you need do in this moment is to pay attention to what you have built through love in this lifetime.

Let your heart wander lonely into dense woods at night in need of intimacy. Learn to love the darkness as yourself, for it will set you free. Surrender to the love that surrounds you teeming with life in the shadows. That alone will spark a fire within that could burn down the entire forest.

Make fresh tracks in powdery snow beneath a full moon. Stop to lie down beneath the starry sky on the white bed to gaze at the stars as you claim the wonders of the night sky as your own. Love every amazing moment, every single opportunity to gain insight. Know that in your quietude on the fallen snow every single seed born of your asking has already been germinated.

Bathe in deep waters to enjoy the rough seas and the wind chill as you ride out a storm. You might even believe you will drown. But you won’t. Instead the self pity will float away and you will go back to the innocence of forgiveness. You can always begin again with the breath.

Split life open to reveal that you long for a call from beyond. Go ahead, search under every moss covered rock, ponder every hawk in flight, ask every breeze that delights. Don’t forget to look to the ancient live oak for wisdom. Most likely the answer will not arrive in the way you think it should. It will come in the form of love, as a formula for splendor; an easy melody with Nature. You are a bud at the center of a self that wants to flower into fullness with all of life.

Trust the seed of this emerging promise. Do not settle for less than the freedom and elegance of mad wild enchantment with yourself amid the natural world. From there you can take the joy you have gained and open the hearts of all those you meet. And I promise you, that you and I, can change the world, one precious breath at a time, just you and I.

Lucy Wyer

Copyright 2019 Light Dancing on Water



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